Thursday, March 24, 2011

T for Three...Oooo

I was a big wrestling fan during my high school days. In wrestling, you are either a group or an individual. Then you are either a heel (bad) or a face (good). Some wrestlers are an enigma but it’s simple enough, the moment you are cheered on by the fans, even if you are a heel, they will turn you into a face.

Which brings me to the Datuk T err, Trio. Datuk T is obviously a group. Whether a heel or face, it’s still being debated. Well not too hotly debated, it seems like the pro-T supporters are a lot more dumbfounded than the anti-T supporters (especially since the revelation of the people behind the group). Why so quiet?

At the moment though they are more like a bunch of clown wrestlers who only enters the ring to make sure things are 'lively'.

The problem with this whole story is there are too many gaping holes at first but then too much revelation. All in a span of 2 days! We were not given much room to have fun with the available facts first (and speculate) - which really doesn’t work when you are trying to blackmail someone.

One day it is, mystery Datuk have a sex video of a senior opposition politician. Then 2 hours later, the senior

politician is the opposition leader - senior opposition leader denies! Not a day has passed when an opposition member nonchalantly reveals that the person behind Datuk T is so and so. Without giving much room for us to either believe or ignore this revelation, the Trio came out.

Damn. Give us room to breathe please.

I’m not done complaining about Nazri’s comment that showing porn to a group of people is not an offense (which by the way kind of give Mamak stalls a whole host of entertainment options to show their patrons).

I also wrote an entry yesterday which I had to scrap because it was essentially to condemn Datuk T as a coward and a dumbass and grumble on everything that is wrong with the media. I don’t think both points are exciting now – because when I wrote, it was based on pure speculative thoughts, now it is realized (no fun writing something which is just plain for everyone to see).

Well UMNO tried to distant themselves from the Trio just yesterday. Today UMNO can only cry at the corner, cry in the shame that the Trio has everything to do with them.

Now their best bet is to make sure nothing happens between today and the Sarawak state election.

As for the Trio. First of all, bravo. You three lot are the worst conspirators ever in the history of Malaysian politics.

Shazryl said he panicked when a group of 20 journalists clamoured to view the video. I guess all 3 panicked the moment Datuk Johari opened his mouth. They should really have ensured they got to the man first before deciding to be “mysterious”. Bunch of panics cannot be blackmailers.

Also, if you’ve revealed your identity to people from the other side, just abandon your strategy to be ‘mysterious’. It’s just plain dumb to think that you can survive a week in a shroud of mystery with someone opposing you knowing who you are.

If someone else is behind this, please and I sincerely plead that next time, pick someone who is not already in the same boat as the person whom these jokers claim to be ‘immoral’.

Now don’t be down yet because your claim may still be proven. But for the moment, prepare to be ridiculed because you are THE joke of the year.

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