Monday, May 2, 2011

PKR's communication flaw

I see quite a big flaw in PKR's communications strategies. Being in the field of media engagement and communications, I can't help but feel that PKR needs to beef it up a little. They aren't exactly winning the battle of public perception.

Sure it all boils down to the amount of barrage given by BN and UMNO, but if they are smart enough to shield themselves, they might just be able to counter it - to good effect.

I can just refer to some of the recent happenings to justify my opinion.

In Sarawak, although PKR more than doubled their representation, but that's only because previously there was only one representative. Apart from that, I don't really see much positives in it. Compare that to DAP's success, it is pretty embarrassing.

The main reason why PKR didn't fare so well, to me, is because they were too hung up on their success in the last general election. Sure they surprised a lot of people by being a strong opposition in parliament, that doesn't mean it will be the same next time around.

The sentiment might still remain, but it could go any which way. BN believed that their 2004 results were intact in 2008, based on sentiments, they got that wrong.

PKR should've stuck to their guns and play it simple instead of over-promising and showing too much hype. People are not too sure if PKR has the ability to govern. Selangor is doing quite well even though they are subjected to massive abuse by the federal government, but people don't necessarily see that - due to the negative media coverage they get day in day out.

Therefore, banking on your ability to govern and be the government wouldn't quite work. Do it like DAP, attack on the other party's credibility and past failures.

Same goes to the pornographic video of, supposedly, Anwar Ibrahim. Forget answering Eskay and the 'Dato T' geng, because they are rogues and in need of attention.

They should not be drawn to answer every detail of the dirty political assassination attempt. The more they come up with 'the video is doctored', 'the person in the video has bigger belly', 'the hair of the person is different', the more credibility you're giving to them.

How so? Because you look panicky and uncertain of your defense.

To me it is enough that Dr Wan Azizah answers the more personal questions. After all, she is the only who knows - really. Anyone saying they know, forget it.

On the giving oath issue. Sure, it is not right for them to give oath. First of, the person giving oath needs to be adil or upright. Clearly claiming to be the person in the video and clearly being a person who endorses the act in the first place, Eskay is not upright. Therefore there is no credibility at all.

Which brings me to my next opinion. Instead of playing their game, attack their credibility - forget attack, give them an onslaught. Who is Eskay? Who is Rahim Tamby Chik? Who is Shuib? Why Datuk T in the first place? Why now? Why are they so concerned? I'm sure some PKR sympathizers would say they have done that, but to me it's not enough. Every time you talk to the media you attack them.

That video may or may not be true, but given the similarity people would struggle not to believe. I for one don't believe, but I know why some would. You point people to a cloud and say it looks like a duck, eventually people would see the same thing. You point to the same cloud and say it resembles a dog, now it's a dog. It's easy to create a perception.

Therefore, PKR really need to think hard how they answer questions, how they counter certain claims and how they communicate with the people. At the moment it looks to be all over the place. It's sluggish.


  1. indomitable unyielding and invincible...that is ANWAR.

    what is BN going to do now?

  2. BN is most definitely going to come up with different kinds of nonsense till the next GE..sigh.