Monday, October 11, 2010

PERKASA...Woodstock...7 Million unwanted youths?? Where is this heading?!?

I like how The Malaysian Insider twist things a bit with pictures. They usually do it with words and exaggerate matters a bit. Trust me when I say this happens as I have also been at the receiving end of it (not me personally, of course).

The most recent occurrence that I am happy to spot is the recent article entitled "Perkasa turns to ‘flower power’ for makeover"

First of all, bravo TMI for highlighting 'flower power' in the headline. People who have lived in the 70's (not me) or is fond of anything ranging from the Vietnam war to Jimmy Hendrix to President Nixon would note that 'flower power' refers to the hippie days.

You see, hippie is famously known for the youth movement in America back in the back-end of the 60's and early 70's as a counter resurgence to everything that is the US Government (at least that's my definition of it).

One of the most popular event that personifies this movement was Woodstock.

Now, here's what Perkasa's suggesting at the end of this year: "This year-end we are going to organize something like Woodstock for youths that are still undecided...". At least that's how they are quoted in TMI.

Now TMI probably didn't do much to their report in terms of actual reporting, but the headline and the picture...well, simply brilliant.

Perkasa has been known to be ultra-Malays and aren't too endearing to the more so-called "liberal thinking" youths of Malaysia (that's how they themselves would coin it). Pitting Woodstock and Perkasa is like pitting Caviar and Marshmallow. They just don't jive.

Now Perkasa might have a more simpler idea of Woodstock, i.e. youths grouping at one time and you know, getting to know Perkasa and listen to Faizal Tahir for 4 hours (or something). But TMI make it seem like it's actually Woodstock especially with the picture of "revelers kissing in the mud at Woodstock 2009".

But the idea of Perkasa organizing a Woodstock-like event is just too awry. It's just not Perkasa. In fact this idea is too liberal and just simply put, an idea Zaid Ibrahim would be proud of (given that they label him a liberal-Malay).

You know it's just an idea of indifferent consequences given that they target 7 million youths gathering for a 24-hours, music ladened event.

Hence the picture in TMI. Gives you a certain misconception of all that there is to know about Perkasa. But hey, they asked for it.

But get a kick out of this. They say they are targetting 7 million youths, the rempits, pregnant teens, extreme sport athletes, rockers and hip hoppers who are not wanted by either BN nor PR.

They actually generalized the whole youth community into this 6 category of people! Put the extreme sport athletes, rockers and hip hoppers into the same bracket as rempits (extreme sports?) and pregnant teens and!! basically say that 7 million youths are basically made of all these people!!!

Genius. Totally genius. Less said about it the better.

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