Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Bersih rally, me and my noodle-brain

I seriously don’t get it. I don’t.

If Bersih 2.0 wants to rally for a free and fair election (note the word ‘rally’ as opposed to ‘protest’) why can’t the government support it?

Points have been made about how streets have been closed on certain days and weekends for events like concerts, youth rallies, bicycle races and such, why not a rally for a good cause?

Of course there’s a political agenda behind it. Of course the opposition is in support of it. However, the message that they are trying to deliver is noble enough.

Then there’s PERKASA.

They don’t like what Bersih 2.0 is doing because according to them, it would disturb the country’s peace and the people’s business. Yes, unlike the abovementioned concerts, youth rallies and bicycle races – those are good, they use public funds, they are good for business because not only is there media publicity but also people gather by the thousands.

Bersih’s rally does not use public funds, they are not good for business because only rowdy people gather by the thousands and there’s only bad media publicity.

Can we not see any positives from peaceful rally that wants to see free and fair elections? Don’t that connote a healthy democracy? A healthy democracy which would attract good publicity for the government. The west loovvvveeesss a healthy democracy. It won’t drive investors away. Seriously.

But here’s the kick. To counter the protest, PERKASA wants to stage their own protest. WHAT THE FISH? FISH THE WHAT THE?

They are careful enough not to say they are against the rally because that would mean they are against free and fair election. That much they can think of. So they went the ‘the-protest-is-nuisance’ route and their solution is to stage their own protest because that obviously wouldn’t disturb peace.

Let me try and draw this up: A planned peaceful rally can only be nullified by a protest which promises a lot of ‘action’ that would guarantee the peaceful rally would not disturb others’ peace because the counter-protest would be handled by thuggish man who based on past precedents are known to be a little bit boisterous (to put it mildly).

To summarise, they don’t want the rally to take place so they will be police for the day. Of course we know the police will see them as police-friendly and not take action against them no matter how unruly they become and would only ‘take care’ of Ambiga and her mates of disruptive activists.

Why can’t people support a call for free and fair election!! I don’t understand. My simple mind just cannot comprehend…why??? Aarrgghhh it hurts...thinking about this hurts my noodle-brain…errrkkk.

Monday, June 6, 2011

PAS for ALL except UMNO

I’m amazed by the amount of fling flangs (my own word) that has been thrown about lately concerning the PAS election. I myself am just an observer with no direct interest nor much knowledge to the proceedings.

To put it bluntly, I know the people, I don’t really know what their agendas are.

Pre-election, there were quite a bit of interest especially Utusan. Not a surprise here, they really think they are the greatest influence of Malay mindset – regardless if anyone actually reads Utusan.

Post-election, BOOM! Okay to me that’s the sound of an out-of-nowhere-eruption.

Muhyidding starts talking about it, Utusan cannot stop rambling, TV3, Awani, TV1, The Star, Nazri Aziz…whoever.

Here’s the thing. All of these media people and some politicians here are saying that PAS has abandoned their principle and that they are not focused on their Islamic roots. Nazri Aziz went as far as saying that PAS is now corrupted with power.

Great stuff sir, if only you’re not a black pot. Not saying I agree with you. Just saying that you are only reminding us of UMNO’s characteristics and you’re calling on it. As if talking to a mirror. A clear, mirror.

Most are also saying that the Erdogen clan (the progressive thinking, less Islamic group) has taken over. Correct me if I’m wrong but the likes of Mat Sabu, Mahfuz Omar, Husam Musa, Salahuddin Ayub are all PAS members since I was even born. Mat Sabu is just as Islamic as Nasharuddin. Who’s to say those who won aren’t?

I would also like to correct one thing. Even though some associate the “less Islamic” group with Erdogen because of the Turkish PM’s close affiliation with Anwar, but does anyone even realize that Recep Tayyip Erdogen actually made Turkey more Islamic than it was before? Therefore, Erdogen should be associated with the “more Islamic” group by principle, right?

Anyway, this is pretty much obvious but I would like to just say it again, the flogging (I would term it) by the media an UMNO politicians are simply because they are not happy with the election results.

Everyone knows they are hoping to unite UMNO with PAS but that plan have been thoroughly derailed by this development.

My beef with that is this, why do they really think they need to have control over all things? Their attitude borderlines lunacy if you really think about it. Utusan really thought they could influence PAS members to elect their choice of candidate – they campaigned harder than any of the nominees. Why?

Then Muhyiddin really thought he can influence the rakyat, especially the Malays, into thinking PAS has abandoned us. Really? PAS is a party of Muslims who conducts their election the same way UMNO does. What makes UMNO’s elected candidate more credible than PAS’? Because they don’t elect the one you wanted?

Nazri then thought he can influence the other PR members into thinking that PAS wants to overthrow them and at the same time influence the whole of Malaysia that PAS is now a selfish party that is crazy for power. I note however that to come to that conclusion Nazri, in his own way, kind of said that PAS is no different than UMNO (which to me refers to UMNO being power crazy/corrupt).

This people only sees one view and that’s theirs. Their mind are so narrow-minded that they really thought what they think/say is the gospel. No they are not. People have their own mind. I don’t really need anyone to think for me. Whether as a human or a Malay. I can think for myself thank you. Your unyielding need to constantly remind me how to think and what to think is getting a tad bid pathetic.

Thanks but no thanks.

I like the new line-up not because it is aligned with Anwar of because they are more progressive thinking. But because they have the same ideals as I do. I’m not too familiar with all of them but let me be pathetic this once, because you all hate that they are elected, I know they are the best candidates.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Christian PM issue - sheer stupidity

I find myself more and more relented when it comes to the incessant fear instilling, hate mongering and controversy spewing tactics laid down by UMNO and its cohorts lately. Not only are they blatant in treating the rakyat as dimwitted buffoons, but they do it in a way which shows how much they don’t care that they themselves look like dimwitted buffoons (which by the looks of it, is not that hard).

I would have to direct this entry to the pro-UMNO bloggers rather than the politicians who right now seems like they are taking cue from the bloggers rather than the opposite.

Of course, some of these bloggers might well be on someone’s payroll but that only shows how powerful a single person can be in politics.

The issue on Christianity and Christian PM is by far the stupidest thing to come up – bypassing sodomy, sex tape and terrorist-minded journalist who must be detained under ISA for reporting truths.

The stupidity becomes evident by the lack of support the two pro-UMNO bloggers (who started it all, Big Dog and Marahku) have from their own ‘friends’. Now even Khairy is condemning Big Dog – of course some would say it has got to do more with the whole Kalimullah/ECM Libra issue more than anything.

The whole problem with this claim made by Big Dog, which has not been supported, is that it is illogical. Sodomy, sure you can pin that on anyone. Sex tape, why not. Terrorist-minded journalist, if they sympathize them enough anyone could be a terrorist.

But a Christian PM? In a Muslim majority, Christian minority (10%) democratic country?

I’ve written on this before in my previous blog - contents of which I’ve deleted (much like Marahku) - when the issue of a Chinese PM cropped up a year or two ago. Again I’m going to use the same logic and reasoning.

This is a democratic country, where the majority are Muslim Malays. In a democratic country, leaders are elected by the majority - but I don't want to get into the details of popular vote and all that. Sadly in Malaysia, it is dominated by race-based polarization. Therefore like it or not everything is determined by one’s race. Well to those ultra-Malays/Chinese/Indian who are intolerant of a cohesive Malaysia or 1Malaysia if you like, this is great.

However, this idea of fearing for the worst – in this case a Christian PM – still comes from this group of people. On one hand you enjoy the current status quo and know that this is the best approach to your narrow-minded philosophy, on the other hand you fear that this same system could be so easily manipulated by impossible means.

How stupid are you?

Sakmongkol AK47 have written on this and I'm going to repeat it with my own version of things - rather more simple-minded and less eloquent. There are three (3) things protecting you, wahai si kurang bijaksana:

- your own race, which is the majority

- the constitution and the parliament which is dominated by matters that according to you is to your best interest (I’ll explain)

- the Malay rulers

You are one of the majority. According to you and UMNO which speaks for the majority apparently (me included), the country cannot accept a non-Malay, non-Muslim ruler. What can you do about that? Stir up a stupid controversy for one. Might I suggest, and this may be too hard for you to comprehend, you go vote for what you believe in. Then, make your race the majority in Parliament. That wouldn’t be hard given that it will always be the majority because of the aforementioned racial polarization in the country. If you still fear for your future, make lots more babies.

The constitution and parliament has in place a protective shield for the Malays. It is embedded. The only way to change that is to have the Parliament vote otherwise. Of course this must be done by those elected into the Parliament. If for example by some freak of nature the majority of the Parliamentarians vote for a non-Muslim Prime Minister then…well the majority have spoken. That is no one’s fault but the majority of the population (did I mention that Malays make up the majority?).

The Malay rulers are still in existent. If for example they see it fit not to have a non-Malay as Prime Minister and not to have Christianity as the official religion then they can always speak up. The still have certain powers embedded in them to act. If people want to take away this power they have to got to go Parliament again (back to my previous point) and change them. Thanks to your beloved Dr.M this was made easier. But still, if the majority of the Parliamentarians don’t feel like it, then don’t change it.

Do you really foresee a Malay majority parliament suddenly giving a vote of confidence to a non-Malay PM and voting for Christianity to be the official religion. Really?

These bloggers are the same people who once brought up the issue of Penang DAP turning the island into a republic much like Singapore. Well of course doing that is as easy as taking one puzzle piece off the rest…eh wait, no it’s not!

Unless a referendum is called and the whole of Penang wants to be like Singapore and then going through the whole process of creating a whole new nation, I really don’t foresee it happening. If you don’t like the idea don’t vote for it!!!

The worst thing about them (the bloggers) is that they write so beautifully with so much class – making them seem intelligent and their argument seems intellectual. But if you actually read what they write, most of them are just spewing out shit.

Then Utusan picks it up as if it's real news. But Utusan, we all know, don't even write well and they are basically the mouthpiece of UMNO rather an actual newspaper. I coin them as "a well run advertisement company for UMNO".

Sigh. Seriously, you know people who surf the internet are smarter than that right? Of course there are those can’t different between peas and a little rock but most of us are not that stupid. Stop making us look stupid!

Monday, May 2, 2011

PKR's communication flaw

I see quite a big flaw in PKR's communications strategies. Being in the field of media engagement and communications, I can't help but feel that PKR needs to beef it up a little. They aren't exactly winning the battle of public perception.

Sure it all boils down to the amount of barrage given by BN and UMNO, but if they are smart enough to shield themselves, they might just be able to counter it - to good effect.

I can just refer to some of the recent happenings to justify my opinion.

In Sarawak, although PKR more than doubled their representation, but that's only because previously there was only one representative. Apart from that, I don't really see much positives in it. Compare that to DAP's success, it is pretty embarrassing.

The main reason why PKR didn't fare so well, to me, is because they were too hung up on their success in the last general election. Sure they surprised a lot of people by being a strong opposition in parliament, that doesn't mean it will be the same next time around.

The sentiment might still remain, but it could go any which way. BN believed that their 2004 results were intact in 2008, based on sentiments, they got that wrong.

PKR should've stuck to their guns and play it simple instead of over-promising and showing too much hype. People are not too sure if PKR has the ability to govern. Selangor is doing quite well even though they are subjected to massive abuse by the federal government, but people don't necessarily see that - due to the negative media coverage they get day in day out.

Therefore, banking on your ability to govern and be the government wouldn't quite work. Do it like DAP, attack on the other party's credibility and past failures.

Same goes to the pornographic video of, supposedly, Anwar Ibrahim. Forget answering Eskay and the 'Dato T' geng, because they are rogues and in need of attention.

They should not be drawn to answer every detail of the dirty political assassination attempt. The more they come up with 'the video is doctored', 'the person in the video has bigger belly', 'the hair of the person is different', the more credibility you're giving to them.

How so? Because you look panicky and uncertain of your defense.

To me it is enough that Dr Wan Azizah answers the more personal questions. After all, she is the only who knows - really. Anyone saying they know, forget it.

On the giving oath issue. Sure, it is not right for them to give oath. First of, the person giving oath needs to be adil or upright. Clearly claiming to be the person in the video and clearly being a person who endorses the act in the first place, Eskay is not upright. Therefore there is no credibility at all.

Which brings me to my next opinion. Instead of playing their game, attack their credibility - forget attack, give them an onslaught. Who is Eskay? Who is Rahim Tamby Chik? Who is Shuib? Why Datuk T in the first place? Why now? Why are they so concerned? I'm sure some PKR sympathizers would say they have done that, but to me it's not enough. Every time you talk to the media you attack them.

That video may or may not be true, but given the similarity people would struggle not to believe. I for one don't believe, but I know why some would. You point people to a cloud and say it looks like a duck, eventually people would see the same thing. You point to the same cloud and say it resembles a dog, now it's a dog. It's easy to create a perception.

Therefore, PKR really need to think hard how they answer questions, how they counter certain claims and how they communicate with the people. At the moment it looks to be all over the place. It's sluggish.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

T for Three...Oooo

I was a big wrestling fan during my high school days. In wrestling, you are either a group or an individual. Then you are either a heel (bad) or a face (good). Some wrestlers are an enigma but it’s simple enough, the moment you are cheered on by the fans, even if you are a heel, they will turn you into a face.

Which brings me to the Datuk T err, Trio. Datuk T is obviously a group. Whether a heel or face, it’s still being debated. Well not too hotly debated, it seems like the pro-T supporters are a lot more dumbfounded than the anti-T supporters (especially since the revelation of the people behind the group). Why so quiet?

At the moment though they are more like a bunch of clown wrestlers who only enters the ring to make sure things are 'lively'.

The problem with this whole story is there are too many gaping holes at first but then too much revelation. All in a span of 2 days! We were not given much room to have fun with the available facts first (and speculate) - which really doesn’t work when you are trying to blackmail someone.

One day it is, mystery Datuk have a sex video of a senior opposition politician. Then 2 hours later, the senior

politician is the opposition leader - senior opposition leader denies! Not a day has passed when an opposition member nonchalantly reveals that the person behind Datuk T is so and so. Without giving much room for us to either believe or ignore this revelation, the Trio came out.

Damn. Give us room to breathe please.

I’m not done complaining about Nazri’s comment that showing porn to a group of people is not an offense (which by the way kind of give Mamak stalls a whole host of entertainment options to show their patrons).

I also wrote an entry yesterday which I had to scrap because it was essentially to condemn Datuk T as a coward and a dumbass and grumble on everything that is wrong with the media. I don’t think both points are exciting now – because when I wrote, it was based on pure speculative thoughts, now it is realized (no fun writing something which is just plain for everyone to see).

Well UMNO tried to distant themselves from the Trio just yesterday. Today UMNO can only cry at the corner, cry in the shame that the Trio has everything to do with them.

Now their best bet is to make sure nothing happens between today and the Sarawak state election.

As for the Trio. First of all, bravo. You three lot are the worst conspirators ever in the history of Malaysian politics.

Shazryl said he panicked when a group of 20 journalists clamoured to view the video. I guess all 3 panicked the moment Datuk Johari opened his mouth. They should really have ensured they got to the man first before deciding to be “mysterious”. Bunch of panics cannot be blackmailers.

Also, if you’ve revealed your identity to people from the other side, just abandon your strategy to be ‘mysterious’. It’s just plain dumb to think that you can survive a week in a shroud of mystery with someone opposing you knowing who you are.

If someone else is behind this, please and I sincerely plead that next time, pick someone who is not already in the same boat as the person whom these jokers claim to be ‘immoral’.

Now don’t be down yet because your claim may still be proven. But for the moment, prepare to be ridiculed because you are THE joke of the year.