Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Bersih rally, me and my noodle-brain

I seriously don’t get it. I don’t.

If Bersih 2.0 wants to rally for a free and fair election (note the word ‘rally’ as opposed to ‘protest’) why can’t the government support it?

Points have been made about how streets have been closed on certain days and weekends for events like concerts, youth rallies, bicycle races and such, why not a rally for a good cause?

Of course there’s a political agenda behind it. Of course the opposition is in support of it. However, the message that they are trying to deliver is noble enough.

Then there’s PERKASA.

They don’t like what Bersih 2.0 is doing because according to them, it would disturb the country’s peace and the people’s business. Yes, unlike the abovementioned concerts, youth rallies and bicycle races – those are good, they use public funds, they are good for business because not only is there media publicity but also people gather by the thousands.

Bersih’s rally does not use public funds, they are not good for business because only rowdy people gather by the thousands and there’s only bad media publicity.

Can we not see any positives from peaceful rally that wants to see free and fair elections? Don’t that connote a healthy democracy? A healthy democracy which would attract good publicity for the government. The west loovvvveeesss a healthy democracy. It won’t drive investors away. Seriously.

But here’s the kick. To counter the protest, PERKASA wants to stage their own protest. WHAT THE FISH? FISH THE WHAT THE?

They are careful enough not to say they are against the rally because that would mean they are against free and fair election. That much they can think of. So they went the ‘the-protest-is-nuisance’ route and their solution is to stage their own protest because that obviously wouldn’t disturb peace.

Let me try and draw this up: A planned peaceful rally can only be nullified by a protest which promises a lot of ‘action’ that would guarantee the peaceful rally would not disturb others’ peace because the counter-protest would be handled by thuggish man who based on past precedents are known to be a little bit boisterous (to put it mildly).

To summarise, they don’t want the rally to take place so they will be police for the day. Of course we know the police will see them as police-friendly and not take action against them no matter how unruly they become and would only ‘take care’ of Ambiga and her mates of disruptive activists.

Why can’t people support a call for free and fair election!! I don’t understand. My simple mind just cannot comprehend…why??? Aarrgghhh it hurts...thinking about this hurts my noodle-brain…errrkkk.

Monday, June 6, 2011

PAS for ALL except UMNO

I’m amazed by the amount of fling flangs (my own word) that has been thrown about lately concerning the PAS election. I myself am just an observer with no direct interest nor much knowledge to the proceedings.

To put it bluntly, I know the people, I don’t really know what their agendas are.

Pre-election, there were quite a bit of interest especially Utusan. Not a surprise here, they really think they are the greatest influence of Malay mindset – regardless if anyone actually reads Utusan.

Post-election, BOOM! Okay to me that’s the sound of an out-of-nowhere-eruption.

Muhyidding starts talking about it, Utusan cannot stop rambling, TV3, Awani, TV1, The Star, Nazri Aziz…whoever.

Here’s the thing. All of these media people and some politicians here are saying that PAS has abandoned their principle and that they are not focused on their Islamic roots. Nazri Aziz went as far as saying that PAS is now corrupted with power.

Great stuff sir, if only you’re not a black pot. Not saying I agree with you. Just saying that you are only reminding us of UMNO’s characteristics and you’re calling on it. As if talking to a mirror. A clear, mirror.

Most are also saying that the Erdogen clan (the progressive thinking, less Islamic group) has taken over. Correct me if I’m wrong but the likes of Mat Sabu, Mahfuz Omar, Husam Musa, Salahuddin Ayub are all PAS members since I was even born. Mat Sabu is just as Islamic as Nasharuddin. Who’s to say those who won aren’t?

I would also like to correct one thing. Even though some associate the “less Islamic” group with Erdogen because of the Turkish PM’s close affiliation with Anwar, but does anyone even realize that Recep Tayyip Erdogen actually made Turkey more Islamic than it was before? Therefore, Erdogen should be associated with the “more Islamic” group by principle, right?

Anyway, this is pretty much obvious but I would like to just say it again, the flogging (I would term it) by the media an UMNO politicians are simply because they are not happy with the election results.

Everyone knows they are hoping to unite UMNO with PAS but that plan have been thoroughly derailed by this development.

My beef with that is this, why do they really think they need to have control over all things? Their attitude borderlines lunacy if you really think about it. Utusan really thought they could influence PAS members to elect their choice of candidate – they campaigned harder than any of the nominees. Why?

Then Muhyiddin really thought he can influence the rakyat, especially the Malays, into thinking PAS has abandoned us. Really? PAS is a party of Muslims who conducts their election the same way UMNO does. What makes UMNO’s elected candidate more credible than PAS’? Because they don’t elect the one you wanted?

Nazri then thought he can influence the other PR members into thinking that PAS wants to overthrow them and at the same time influence the whole of Malaysia that PAS is now a selfish party that is crazy for power. I note however that to come to that conclusion Nazri, in his own way, kind of said that PAS is no different than UMNO (which to me refers to UMNO being power crazy/corrupt).

This people only sees one view and that’s theirs. Their mind are so narrow-minded that they really thought what they think/say is the gospel. No they are not. People have their own mind. I don’t really need anyone to think for me. Whether as a human or a Malay. I can think for myself thank you. Your unyielding need to constantly remind me how to think and what to think is getting a tad bid pathetic.

Thanks but no thanks.

I like the new line-up not because it is aligned with Anwar of because they are more progressive thinking. But because they have the same ideals as I do. I’m not too familiar with all of them but let me be pathetic this once, because you all hate that they are elected, I know they are the best candidates.