Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Bersih rally, me and my noodle-brain

I seriously don’t get it. I don’t.

If Bersih 2.0 wants to rally for a free and fair election (note the word ‘rally’ as opposed to ‘protest’) why can’t the government support it?

Points have been made about how streets have been closed on certain days and weekends for events like concerts, youth rallies, bicycle races and such, why not a rally for a good cause?

Of course there’s a political agenda behind it. Of course the opposition is in support of it. However, the message that they are trying to deliver is noble enough.

Then there’s PERKASA.

They don’t like what Bersih 2.0 is doing because according to them, it would disturb the country’s peace and the people’s business. Yes, unlike the abovementioned concerts, youth rallies and bicycle races – those are good, they use public funds, they are good for business because not only is there media publicity but also people gather by the thousands.

Bersih’s rally does not use public funds, they are not good for business because only rowdy people gather by the thousands and there’s only bad media publicity.

Can we not see any positives from peaceful rally that wants to see free and fair elections? Don’t that connote a healthy democracy? A healthy democracy which would attract good publicity for the government. The west loovvvveeesss a healthy democracy. It won’t drive investors away. Seriously.

But here’s the kick. To counter the protest, PERKASA wants to stage their own protest. WHAT THE FISH? FISH THE WHAT THE?

They are careful enough not to say they are against the rally because that would mean they are against free and fair election. That much they can think of. So they went the ‘the-protest-is-nuisance’ route and their solution is to stage their own protest because that obviously wouldn’t disturb peace.

Let me try and draw this up: A planned peaceful rally can only be nullified by a protest which promises a lot of ‘action’ that would guarantee the peaceful rally would not disturb others’ peace because the counter-protest would be handled by thuggish man who based on past precedents are known to be a little bit boisterous (to put it mildly).

To summarise, they don’t want the rally to take place so they will be police for the day. Of course we know the police will see them as police-friendly and not take action against them no matter how unruly they become and would only ‘take care’ of Ambiga and her mates of disruptive activists.

Why can’t people support a call for free and fair election!! I don’t understand. My simple mind just cannot comprehend…why??? Aarrgghhh it hurts...thinking about this hurts my noodle-brain…errrkkk.


  1. You seriosly don't get it until you live in western countries and see how many Arab peoples fled their country due to instability in their own countries. I currently resides in overseas now and I cannot understand how bersih do you want election it to be. If it is not bersih, how could the opposition parties won big in the last general election.

    The country is trying to compete for economic competitiveness againts other countries and yet still these people wanted to create chaos and spark instability in the country. This would result in reduced foreign investment and businesses in the country. No buisnesses means no jobs.That means no rice and bread on your dining table.I am deeply concerned that this action is initially initiated or backed by subversive movement or agent trying to turn malaysia into chaos and halt the country's march toward developed status in less than a year. There are many who do not want to see Malaysia continue to prosper..not to mention the continuing Kempen Ganyang Malaysia by Indonesia, Malaysia's neighbour.

    In this respect, I respect the Singaporean. even though Malaysia is much more democratic and people can voice their voice freely compared to Singaporean, they still want to make sure that bread and butter are still on the table and the country continue to prosper. and lastly, they are not 'BADMOUTH' kind of people who unlike Malaysians who I observed like to say bad things about Malaysia to other people overseas.

    In the end, it is up to you guys to judge what benefits that you guys can derive from your judgement and action. The ball is in your hands. Every action has its consequences not to you but to the whole country and not forget to the future generation.

  2. Valid opinion I must say and I do get what you’re trying to say. However, I do feel the need to offer my rebuttal. I’m not saying you’re wrong in that sense but if you’re comparing, we can also compare with developed nation or our neighbouring countries. I see that from your point of view, the economy is the main concern.

    To give it more of a drastic view (and I mean really amazing) if we compare to Thailand which has been well documented, protests went crazy and it was almost hell on earth but their economy prospered to the extent that they are seen to be a more attractive destination than Malaysia. Indonesia, there’s protest almost every other week and again their economy seems to be moving at a faster pace than Malaysia.

    If we would like to compare with developed nation, Britain and the US does not stop people from protesting and their country is obviously a developed country, economically, socially, etc.

    I tend not to compare us with the Arabs because:
    a) their protest is not just a protest for protests sake, they are trying to topple the government through force (which again makes the Thailand case all the more remarkable)
    b) the BERSIH rally (again I’m using the word rally and not protest) is not meant to be unruly and forceful, it is just to call for a free and fair election which has been promised to be done peacefully. I’ve been to several rallies myself and I’ve never once felt threatened or feel that all hell is going to break loose. Until the cops come in and starts using ‘force’.

    On the ‘subsersive movement’ or ‘agent’ trying to turn Malaysia into chaos, that is another different issue altogether. This rally is about free and fair government and no one has said otherwise. They’ve tried reasoning with the SPR, but it came to naught (this is well documented, but of course not by the mass media) when there were clear cases to be heard - Najib's promise in Sibu instantly springs to mind. This is not to rally against the government, but in order to open the eyes and ears of the SPR which is supposed to be a free, independent body. That is why the government should support it since they are there for the people.

    How can the whole country be in chaos following a peaceful rally? This is not the first time such rallies have been held, I’ve never seen the country in chaos. Unless of course you mean with the involvement of PERKASA anything can happen.

    Good thoughts and ideas nonetheless! Thanks for reading!