Friday, August 20, 2010

Starting off / Baby dumping

To start off my newest (and soon to go to waste like most of the others
I've started off) blog is a brief explanation (though no one cares) on
what it's about and perhaps a taste of what's to come.

I've focused my previous blog (deleted due to specific reasons) on
politics and religion and admittedly I'm quite lop-sided in my
commentaries. It's hard to be non-bias but it's harder to accept not
being so - I just cannot help it, my brain doesn't multi-task as I want
it too.

As much as I despise others for being bias I find no joy in being one.
Surprise, surprise.

I've also written about my life (this blog is still in existence but it
moves like a sloth). But I soon found out that, there's nothing much to
it that would be of interest to myself, let alone others. I must admit,
I'm not writing just to satisfy my writing needs, I appreciate
readership. If I wanted to write for myself might as well I do it the
old fashioned way - use a palm top diary (does this still exist? I
Googled and the latest result in the first page is in 2006).

So this blog is my thoughts on everything under the sun.

First issue - baby dumping

Take for example the issue of baby dumping. The issue is simple - they
'make' babies, they do not want babies, they throw away babies. Simple
enough. The repercussions? An illness that has plagued the society like
the Ebola virus.

Is it worse than the Ebola? Yes. Simply because the Ebola can still be
cured, there's no curing a social illness. We might be able to reduce
it, but doubt it would make much of a difference. Problem is, we do not
know how to tackle the problem.

Scientists rely on each others' findings and research to cure a virus.
But for social illness, we can't even agree on the cause.

One political party said it is because of new years' celebration, and
backed their hypothesis with correlation between numbers and date of
occurrence. Fair enough. However, I don't quite agree because that would be too
simple. Surely this thing doesn't happen overnight or that 400 people
decide to have unsafe fun bump whilst celebrating an occasion. I don't
rule out that some might have happened on one of those unruly
"night-out" but surely that's not it.

The unruly night out though is a culture that should not be encouraged as
it breeds moral indiscretion among the younger generation. Even though
not all are stupid enough to fall down the immoral road, some are.
Again, not to conclude that this is the cause of the trend.

I must agree though with some of the women group and NGOs. Poor parental
control and lack of education are one of the root causes. In other
words, ignorant parents and stupid children make baby dumping happen.

Parents, stop your kids from becoming rogues. It's not like you don't
see it coming. As a parent myself (though to a 2 year old) I know it is
easier said than done, but we must not let the children be the bosses of
us. We must sacrifice more, strive a lot more and care a whole lot more.

Rogues parents, well you're a lost cause - continue what you're

Sex education? Very important I would say. But it shouldn't just focus
on how to use contraceptives and what position could avoid pregnancy. It
should be about the ramifications of sex out of wedlock, the morality
behind such undertakings, the impact on society, the impact on the
individual, the finances (this will scare them), the law. Basically
everything that would not only make them think twice, but that would
also scare the bajizzes out of them.

I hate to say it but, sometimes a bit of corporal punishment might do
some good. Just whack'em!


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