Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blackburn Vs Arsenal

Just thought I'd make weekly predictions of Arsenal's chances in premier league matches. Since Arsenal is my favourite team (since 1998) and I've been through ups and downs with this club, albeit me being in Malaysia and Arsenal is in England.

I used to be highly passionate about English football and Arsenal in particular; used to go through sleepless nights when Arsenal loses a match, or being extremely jovial that I couldn't sleep when they beat Manchester United at Old Trafford to claim the title.

Now, I'm more of a laid back fan. I won't be too disheartened if Arsenal loses, happy when the win and I do still hope they could win the league again. But I won't have sleepless nights anymore.

This year Arsenal have spent wisely on middle-aged, established performers. The likes of Koncsielny (I'm not sure if this is the right spelling, but to lazy to check) and Squillaci would be bring added steel at the back. Squillaci is a seasoned (at a relatively good age still, 30) footballer, have loads of experience and have been to European finals before. Koncsielny is a good young footballer at 24 and still have lots to learn - under the stewardship of Squillaci and Vermaelen, he is in good hands.

The best deal would be Chamakh. A strong centre forward, good first touch, good passing ability and an all around team player. He can score the odd goal here and there, but our midfield is more than capable to score goals as well. So he will be there to contribute more than just goals for the team.

So for my prediction this week (by the way I'm highly optimistic about everything so as an Arsenal fan you can expect a 'win' prediction almost every week, even when Arsenal plays with 10 under-aged kids, and Almunia), Arsenal to win it 3-0.

Sam Allardyce will be using his age old rough housing tactics (Arsene would call it bullying/rugby) but with players like Vermaelen, Koncsielny and Song in the side, we have strongly built players as well. Also Chamakh isn't too soft himself and Walcott has beefed up since 2 years ago.

I expect this to be a much easier game than previous encounters.

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