Monday, August 23, 2010

37th...and a Second!

Congrats! Malaysia has been ranked 37th most something-something country in the world. Can be seen in Rocky's blog here. Based on quality of life, health, the economy and fight against corruption, Malaysia gets number 37.

The fight against corruption factor must not have played a big part considering I can name at least 10 cases just off the top of my head - of course I'm not going to name the 10 because I'm sure most Malaysians can do the same.

Quality of life? I do like our country when it comes to that. Of course there are certain things that can be tweaked a little as I've commented here and other things as well, including public transport and the internet.

Economy's doing well. Kudos to those who have been fighting tooth and nail to bite the recession on their soft tushy. We could do with a little bit more FDIs but I'm sure they'll come back to invest given that we have got fantastic resources. But as one blogger once commented (Chedet? Razaleigh?), we need to know where we lie; Do we provide cheap labor? Are we moving towards a more high income economy - hence as Chedet puts it, people will receive high wages, salaries and profits?

Health. Well no argument. We do have healthy people living in Malaysia. Not lots of obese people around and the hospital I wouldn't say has a lot of unhealthy people lying about. Of course it would be wrong to say there's none at all.

Talking about health and hospitals - look at what just came out whilst I'm typing this entry (not out of me...out of the...never mind):

So, anyhoo, any wonder why my daughter's been cranky lately? Hee~

Nothing's for certain yet...but...Yea! Hooray for Malaysia hooray for me! Can't continue writing this entry, my mind is filled with a lot of things.


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