Friday, September 3, 2010

To Be Just To Your Children

With all the ruckus concerning satire (read in Rocky’s blog here to understand what I mean), blogging it seems has lost a bit of its attractiveness. People would be put off to write critically simply because other people just cannot understand the concept of a joke or another perspective. But in any case, I think it’s a good way to let off steam – and get a different viewpoint on things – and so it should be all good.

Therefore I would like to paint a picture, in a way. I won’t really explain the meaning behind this ‘picture’ and just leave it to your imagination to apply to whatever situation you can think of.

There’s a man, let’s say he’s 30 years of age. He has a wife who is of the same age. They have 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. They are not that happy because, well, they’re not the most wealthy or successful of people and they are also constantly barraged by creditors. There was also a time when 2 creditors fought each other to stake a claim to this family’s misfortunes.

The man then married another, to the discontent of the first wife. But it did some good to the man.

The second wife is economic savvy and is able to inject some wealth into the man’s pocket. Several years later they too have children of their own – 2 in fact. Both the children are as economically savvy as their mother. Basically, they really know how to make money.

The man decided to marry another – the first wife is a little unhappy but the second wife doesn’t care too much.

Now over the years this man’s misfortunes overturn. He is now doing well, better than he could’ve ever expected years before. The first wife and her children are happy and are given the biggest house. They have been with him through thick and thin therefore he thought of giving them the best he could muster.

The second wife and her children are happy as well. They don’t care much about big houses because to them, as long as they make money they’re happy. Secretly, they also have a big house of their own.

The third wife and her children are relatively pleased. Occasionally there would be grouses here and there but in general they live a happy life.

Now, one day this man – who now owns a big business – came to think of a situation; what if I die? What about my children? Who will get what?

He owes a lot to his first wife and her children. So in his mind obviously they would get the business. It is kind of privilege to them because they were with him since the very beginning.

But what about the second wife and her children, and the third wife and her children?

In this situation what would you do? If let’s say the children from the first marriage isn’t as business savvy as the second and they are also not as hardworking given that they’ve been getting a lot ‘leg-up’ from the father, would it be fair to give them the business? If it is fair, would it be right?

Also, should the second and third batch of children get less than the first batch simply because they came into existence a bit later. But when the man’s misfortunes turned, they were there. In fact, they

had a hand in overturning them.

If this happens to us, would we forget about the rights of equality for all these children? Would it be right, for me, to give the second and third batches of children a fringe of my fortunes instead of an equal slice of the pie? Given that they all work equally hard and have always remained loyal throughout.

As a Muslim, I know Islam wants me to be just and provide equally to all my children. I mean they are my children.

Just a thought. Not implying anything (of course I'm implying something) but it does strike me a bit, this situation.

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